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IMDEA Software awarded at the 5th Edition of the Mutua Universal Health and Innovation Awards
Jun 22, 2020

Awarded with the prize for the best innovative practice in health promotion in the category of small and medium enterprises

《阴阳师》2021值得培养的SSR推荐 2021最强SSR介绍_嗨 ...:2021-1-30 · 阴阳师2021值得培养的SSR推荐,2021年已经过去,在这一年有新增了不少的新式神,那么现有的SSR中哪些式神最值得培养呢?下面就和小编一起来看看吧!阴阳师2021值得培养的SSR推 …
Jun 11, 2020

Multiparty randomness generation protocols with guaranteed output delivery and public verification

Learning Replacement Policies from Hardware Caches towards more secure systems
Jun 1, 2020

CacheQuery: Learning Replacement Policies from Hardware Caches has been accepted at PLDI 2020

The IMDEA Software Institute and BBVA are partnering to research advanced cryptographic techniques
May 4, 2020

A key technology to create data-based digital solutions that protect the privacy and security of users’ data.



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